British Royal Wedding: Hotels charge up to $17,750 for rooms with a view!

The British royal wedding, that will take place on the weekend of May 19, 2018, is providing a huge opportunity for hotels in Windsor, where prices are spiking for booking in that period.

The main hotels which will provide the best view of the newlyweds as they take part in a carriage procession down the main road such as Harte&Garter hotel and Macdonald Windsor hotel have a going rate of $14,183 (with a minimum three-night stay) and even $17,750 for suites with balconies overlooking the High Street.

“The moment the date was announced all the hotels sold out online but the hotels along the parade kept all their street-facing rooms back. They’re being sold now for an absolute fortune – they’re all going to the media which makes life easier for everybody because of course those rooms have to be scrutinised for potential security issues too,” told a hotel source to HELLO! magazine.

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