Parkland high attacker: He was known to have psychic problems and to kill animals

The portrait of the author of the Parkland high school attack shows a young gunman who has been expelled because of his aggressiveness.

Nikolas Cruz, the author of the armed attack that made 17 deaths in a high school in southeastern Florida, was an gun lover teenage who was kicked out of this institution for disciplinary reasons, AFP writes.

The 19-year-old was present at the end of the classes at his former high school, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and a large amount of ammunition, making 17 dead.

The local police arrested him later in the neighboring Coral Springs.

Born in September 1998, Nikolas Cruz published social messages on social networks “alarmingly,” Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel reported.

Cruz was known in high school as a troubled student, according to several testimonies gathered by local media. “He had problems when he threatened students last year and I think he was told to leave this campus,” said Jim Mihail Herald, a professor of mathematics whose student he was.

A neighbor, whose daughter was a colleague with Cruz, says he was caught on campus with white weapons at him. “He was known to have psychic problems and to kill animals,” the woman said.

According to another student, Nicholas Coke, Cruz was a “solitary” who left the institution a few months ago to move to the northern state after his mother’s death. He also did a military training course, according to sources in the Pentagon who have not provided more details.

The attacker had “a lot of problems” with high school behavior in the past, he added, saying that Nicolas Cruz broke a window with kicks.

Another student, interviewed at the site of the WJXT armed attack, said Nikolas Cruz’s move to action was predictable.

“In the end, everyone predicted this,” he added, pointing out that Nikolas Cruz was well aware of the security places and procedures in high school in the event of gunfire.

“He was on the second floor, he knew how classrooms were, he knew where the students would be,” he explained. “He was accustomed to the fire-fighting exercises, he was ready,” he said.

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