VIDEO A time traveler revealed US president’s name in 2030!

A time traveler who says he comes from the future passed a lie detection test after saying that Donald Trump will be re-elected, and artificial intelligence will take power over the world.

The mysterious man who presents himself as Noah claims he comes from 2030 and has risked his life to travel back in time. His mission, he says, is to tell all the living what the world prepares.

Among his predictions, he says Google Glass robots will be spread all over the world. Also, technology will grow so much that it will be able to independently manage a home.

Bitcoin will become more and more popular, but cash will still be in use.

In 2030, he claims that the American president will be a mysterious figure, called Ilana Remikee.

He also suggests that global warming will cause temperatures to rise in North America, while temperatures in Europe will be getting lower.

People will arrive on Mars in 2028, and in the same year, time travel will be discovered.

Noah says that electric cars will reach speeds like diesel or gasoline, and many cancers will find their antidote.

In a previous interview, Noah claimed he suffered from anorexia and is actually 50 years old, but he took a rejuvenating medicine that turned him into a 25-year-old child, writes Daily Mail.

His predictions have attracted some sort of skepticism, so in response, he has agreed to make a lie detection test in which he has been filmed, which he has done well.

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