Study: Intelligence seems to be inherited from the mother

A recent genetics study reveals that women are more likely to transmit intelligence genes.

This is because these genes are carried out on the X chromosome and since women have two, they are more likely to pass on their intelligence.

According to University of Cambridge, genetically modified mice showed that those with an extra dose of maternal genes ended up having bigger brains and heads but little bodies and vice versa; those with an extra dose of paternal genes had smaller heads and brains but bigger bodies, notes

Functions such as sex, food, and aggression were associated with the paternal genes.

But genetics are not the only determinant of intelligence, added researchers from the University of Washington. The emotional bond between a mother and child seems to be extremely crucial for growth in some parts of the brain. A study showed that children who were supported emotionally and had their intellectual/developmental requirements filled had a 10% larger hippocampus as compared to those whose mothers were emotionally distant.

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