VIDEO Horror moments in San Francisco to Hawaii flight: Parts of the engine have broken apart and fallen

Horror moments for the passengers who were on board a plane flying from San Francisco to Hawaii. During the race described by a passenger as “the most frightening flight in my life”, several parts of the engine have broken apart and have fallen.

A Boeing 777 aircraft arrived on the front page of the international press. United Airlines flight # UA1175 was diverted from its original route only half an hour before arriving in Honolulu, the final destination of the race, according to The Guardian.

The pilots sent a signal of danger and were forced to land urgently. Snapshots  of the airplane show how the engine whose carcass had been detached was still trembling dangerously at high altitudes.

Erik Haddad, an engineer on board, could see the exposed engine best. The man stayed calm throughout the entire incident on the plane and distributed several Twitter images to the Twitter social network. Jokingly, at one of the pictures, the engineer attached the message: “I do not see anything about it in the manual.”

VIDEO: Youtube/ CBS News

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