Science: Dads have a more important role in daughter’s life than moms

According to a study published in the Journal of Family Psychology, girls are less likely to develop anxiety and depression if they have good relationships with their fathers.

Also, they are better at handling everyday stress and much more comfortable in expressing their feeling and emotions.

It seems like, dads play an important role in shaping for their daughters things like personal values, self-image, relationships, sexuality, and a feeling of control over their own lives.

Unfortunately, in this modern times, fathers are portrayed by media in all sort of inappropriate ways, that do not reflect the truth. For example, in nearly every television show, fathers are no more than bumbling idiots that know nothing about women. Fathers should acknowledge that these  stereotypes are simply made up for entertainment and should not be followed. The earlier fathers are involved with meeting their daughter’s needs, the stronger the bond between them is, which leads to all the benefits above. Although the role of a dad is certainly important in the life of a girl, this is not to diminish the role that moms have when raising daughters, notes

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