Trump want to sell ISS, the most expensive object made on Earth!

Could the International Space Station become a private enterprise? This is the wish of the White House, which hopes to put an end to funding for the costly space program in a few years, Washington Post reports in its online edition.

The US plan, the newspaper writes, involves the selling of ISS, the space station run by NASA and developed jointly with the Russian space agency.

The ISS has allowed international teams – especially in collaboration with Canadian, European and Japanese space agencies – to do scientific research in a low-gravity environment.

“The decision to end federal support for ISS in 2025 does not imply that the platform will be removed from orbit,” said Washington Post’s internal NASA document. “Industry may still be able to operate certain ISS elements or capabilities at a future trading platform,” it said in the cited text.

“NASA will expand its international and trade partnerships in the next seven years to further ensure people’s access to and presence in Earth’s low orbit,” the document notes.

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