PHOTOS Teacher who teaches nude yoga! What are the benefits women have been naked at her courses

A yoga teacher encourages women to undress during classes, claiming that practicing this kind of non-dress meditation can improve sexual life and reduce stress.

30-year-old Rosie Rees, from Perth, Australia, was first encouraged to undress during yoga exercises by her nude boyfriend.

Rosie gave up her job to devote herself entirely to organizing nude yoga sessions. The woman says she has been able to convince hundreds of women to do nude yoga for three years and plans to expand their concept in the US, according to Daily Mail.

Antrenoarea says she had a revelation when she started making yoga without clothes on her. “When I started practicing naked yoga in the private bedroom, then in the home garden, I realized how critical and conservative I was to my own body,” says Rosie Rees.

“I was complicated by the scars on my body, the folds of fat on my belly and I noticed my cellulite. But I felt at the same time free. As I continued my practice, I became more comfortable with myself, “Rosie said.

The woman, who in the meantime has become a coach, started practicing yoga in 2012 when she was having trouble with food because of work-related stress. Besides, he had started to smoke and drink more alcohol than he should have.

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