Lucky couple! They changed their tickets to death in the last minutes!

A couple in Russia escaped by a miracle from death. The two were supposed to be on the plane that collapsed on Sunday, near Moscow, but they changed their tickets at the last minute.

Maxim Kolomeytsev, who turned 35 on Sunday, and his 25-year-old Nazezha, had flight tickets for fatal 6W703 flight. The two of them wanted to get to the hometown of the man to spend his birthday there.

In the last moment, showroom where the man was going to buy a car announced that the car would not be ready in time. The businessman thus decided to postpone his departure by exchanging airline tickets for next week.

“When I found out that the car was not ready, I postponed my trip a week,” he told him.

To change tickets, they paid $ 170.

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