Kieron Dyer, former English soccer player: My uncle made me oral sex!

Kieron Dyer, 39, who was in England and in the 2002 World Championships. Kieron Dyer is a former English player. Right midfielder. Good, not very good, 8 years in Newcastle, 1999-2007, with 33 national selections and two final tournaments: CM 2002 and CE 2004.

Now, at 39, Dyer speaks in his book, “Elder too early, smart too late,” revealed by the Daily Mail. He tells his the tough, violent, traumatic story.

Dyer remembers the moment when he was a child.  One evening with Mom at work, little Kieron was left with his uncle Kenny. “I fell asleep to him in my arms watching television, and then suddenly I woke up, but I was scared to open my eyes.” Kenny slipped his hand into my pants and stroked me, froze. I realized that I woke up because she was trying to reassure me. “He asked me to let him finish, promising me tons of chocolate, he was in trance,” says the former footballer.

“He pulled my pants down to my ankles I knew it was terrible but I was frozen I could not move, I could not speak, I could not do anything He started to have sex with me Oral I was terrified You remember these nightmares when you can not scream, that’s the way it was, and finally, I pushed him. “He’s not telling anyone, it’s our secret,” he told me.

Dyer was marked by that terrifying episode: “Until I was 16, I slept with my mother. They all laughed at me.”

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