A US policeman shot unarmed driver in Tennessee: ‘Shoot him. F*** that s***’

There have been shocking audio and video recordings from a police watch in Tennessee. A suspect who was not armed and did not seem to pose a great threat was shot dead on the orders of the sheriff who did not take part in the intervention, according to CNN.

The justification is that: the sheriff did not want the patrol cars to be damaged if they tried to hit and pull the fighter’s truck off the road.

Last year, in April, police tried to stop a 33-year-old fugitive driver who they suspected had boarded without a driving license. It was a tracking, but not one at high speed. The needle of the speedometer on the police car did not pass 90 kilometers an hour.

As the cops failed to stop or remove the lorry trailer from the road, their boss handed them an order through the dispatcher.

Sheriff: “Order 59 (from Sheriff). Stop it by any necessary means, including deadly force! ”

Sheriff’s deputy, who was driving the personal car, pulled out the gun and started shooting. The suspect, who was not armed, died after he was shot in the head. When the police chief arrived at the scene, he was recorded by the video camera attached to the uniform of one of the agents who took part in the intervention.

The victim’s family sued the sheriff, accusing him of preferring to shoot him and kill the driver instead of risking damage to his patrol cars.

Deputy: “Get a hold of 59 (the sheriff), see if we can do something to get this maniac off the road.”
Dispatcher: “(Unintelligible), deadly force.”
(A different video — from a reserve deputy’s body camera — shows the dispatcher saying: “Per 59, take him out by any means necessary, including deadly force.”)
Deputy: “10-9 (repeat)?”
Dispatcher: “Per 59 (the sheriff), use deadly force if necessary. Take the subject out by any means necessary.”
Deputy: “10-4. Central, be advised, I’m fixing to ram him.”
Dispatcher (40 seconds later): “All units, per 59, do not ram this subject. If you need to, get up and use your shotgun and end this pursuit.”
Shoupe: “I told them, I said, ‘Take him out.’ “
Deputy: “I heard.”
Shoupe: “Damn, I don’t give a s***.”
Deputy: “It wasn’t long after that I heard, ‘Shots fired. Shots fired.’ “
Shoupe: “They said, ‘We’re ramming.’ I said, ‘Don’t ram him. Shoot him.’ “F*** that s***. You’re gonna tear my cars up. I got two cars tore up again.”

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