VIRAL VIDEO A car falling from the second floor of a parking garage!

A Chinese driver fell off the second floor of a car park. He crashed a wall, and the car landed up with the wheels. The man and the accompanying woman suffered minor injuries.

Cameras have surprised the shocking accident. A car with two people fell from the second floor of a parking lot, rolled and rolled up the asphalt.

The driver’s route did not give anything to suspect. The car was filmed moving without incident through parking. The driver was most likely searching for the exit when, at some point, he accelerated and hitted a wall.

The passenger on the right, a woman, managed to get out of the car shortly after the impact. Immediately, a man came to his aid. After only a few minutes, the victim was surrounded by people. One of them got into the car and pulled the dazed driver out, who managed to keep his balance.

The man told the police that he wanted to take something from the floor and did not look in front.

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