The village of Sardinia where almost all inhabitants reach 100 years old. The secret of their longevity

Psychologists and researchers from Europe and the United States want to find out what is the secret of the extraordinary longevity of the Sardinian people.

They were known to feed well, according to the Mediterranean diet, and they had resistant genes, but another element would be the key to a long life. They have an active life with frequent social interactions that keep loneliness and depression away.

At 99, Bonnario meets almost every day with coffee buddies.

Bonnario Zadda: “I was born in 1918, and on May 9 I will be 100 years old. My uncle has fallen back to 113 years. “

The Tiana village, two hours away from Cagliari, has become known due to the longevity of the villagers, which is being studied by researchers all over the world.

Paul Hitchcott, professor of psychology, University of Cagliari: “The low levels of depression they pose are not due to the fact that they have an idyllic lifestyle in the mountains, with butterflies and singing birds. It’s something about the lifestyle of these locals, which increases their resilience to the problems that older people have. “

In Sardinia, men have ten times more chances to reach 100 years than those who live in villages and cities in the rest of Italy.

Sarah Harper, Oxford Institute: “We realize that it is not just food and physical movement, they are very important, but also the social background we live in.”

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