Astronauts lose weight in space because the food is floating in their stomach!

Did you know that astronauts are losing weight in space? Although the cause of this phenomenon has not been known, specialists have found a possible answer.

According to NASA scientist Scott Smith, astronauts do not consume enough food because the food is floating in their stomach, and they feel fuller than they really are, according to IFL Science

“I think it’s that food doesn’t settle the same way it does on Earth, so that the stretching of your stomach – which sends the signal to your brain to say ‘you’re full, stop eating’, said Dr. Scott.

Eating enough food in space is important because in the absence of gravity, much of the bone and muscle mass is lost. Every day they spend time on exercise and consume fish because it contains omega 3 that can help strengthen the bones.

Floating food in the stomach can lead to much stranger problems. For example, it could try to go out again through the sphincter. Astronauts are currently monitoring everything they eat in an application to consume enough food.

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