You do not need the will and you will not get fat if you quit smoking cigarettes!

Many smokers fail when they want to quit smoking. That’s because of the wrong concepts they have. Here are the most popular myths about giving up cigarettes.

It takes the will to quit smoking.

FALSE! Will is a helpful psychic tool for short periods of time. The will can bring us into the decision to quit the last cigarette, but it is insufficient to keep us in the non-smoking status. The will is a great consuming of psychic energy, it transforms a wonderful victory into a continuous struggle for abstention. Involvement in the process of smoking is prohibitive: you are no longer allowed to smoke! If we want to stay non-smoking, we need to avoid trapping the will in the process.

If I quit smoking, I’m going through a horrible withdrawal.

FALSE! The testimony is all those people we know that they left smoke easily, suddenly, feeling nothing but liberation. Nicotine withdrawal is not severe and has no physical symptoms, but only psychological: restlessness, insecurity, empty feeling, panic.

If I quit smoking, I’ll get fat.

FALSE! Extra pounds do not automatically come after the last cigarette, but come because people replace cigarettes with food. The need for replacement comes from a mistaken perception of the feeling of losing a “good friend”. But if we feel that we have got rid of a problem, we will no longer need substitutes to feel whole.

It is not good to let go suddenly, but gradually.

FALSE! Smoking is an addiction. Continuing to feed addiction by lowering nicotine leads to increased psychic frustration, perpetuating the physiological problem. The only chance for healing is eliminating the drug that creates the problem (this is only possible by consuming it) and optimal mental adjustment in parallel, so that the frustration of the early days can be managed and even used to support the process. It takes an average of 3-5 days to evacuate all the nicotine in the body.

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