Finnaly! The mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle has been solved

Only in the last century the Bermuda Triangle took about 1,000 human lives.

A scientist explain why ships and planes disappear as they pass through this triangle.

Using satellite radar technologies, research has detected some of the most catastrophic weather conditions that are characteristic of the mysterious triangle region.

Under the clouds forming the hexagon, which covers most of the area, there are currents at sea level reaching 170 mph. These types of currents are able to create waves that can reach about 14 feet tall.

These clouds that have a hexagon shape create a phenomenon known as “air bombs”. Air bombs are sudden drops of air that have reverse tornado movement.

This kinf of situation it’s dangerous for aviation and have been known to cause diving by sea.

Such terrifying clouds that can cause aviation or maritime accidents may, in some situations, extend to a distance of 100 miles from the ocean.

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