Astronomical event tonight: SUPER MOON, the perfect light of truth

Major astronomical event on December 3. The full moon or “cold moon” occurs when the moon is very close to Earth.

The astronomical excitation is that the moon is closer to the sun, and the sun pushes it more towards the Earth.

But mankind has also found some heretical explanations for this phenomenon and its effects.

During the Full Moon of December  we may feel that we are evolving.

The TRUTH is the coming out! It is the moment when we hear things or even secret things to be revealed, this SUPER MOON being the perfect light of truth.

This SUPER MOON is about expressing yourself, so feel free to speak out the truth to the world and to be YOU.

You should embrace this special moment and see this SUPER MOON as an opportunity to celebrate how far you have come in your life and to congratulate yourself for this new beginning.


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