Do you smoke Marijuana? Don’t use vaporizers! It’s bad for your health!

Marijuana users typically roll it into a joint. Sometimes, they use a bong to smoke it or just bake it making brownies and other types of edibles.

But some people are seeking to take their highs to another level and they turn to “dabbing”.

Dabbing involves inhaling vapor from “dabs” of waxy or solid, potent concentrates of THC, the main ingredient in marijuana.

Why is dabbing dangerous?

Dabbing involves heating cannabis through a glass pipe and metal rod, often referred to as a “nail.” The nail is torched with butane.

As the researchers used higher temperatures when heating the terpenes, they found that more toxins were produced.

“The results of these studies clearly indicate that dabbing, although considered a form of vaporization, may, in fact, deliver significant amount of toxins,” the researchers say, informs Medical Daily .

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