Another shocking video! Former Croatian forces commander, killing himself in the courtroom!

Former Croatian forces commander in Bosnia, Slobodan Praljak (72), died in a Hague hospital after drinking poison in the courtroom of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Hague for war crimes in the former Yugoslavia.

He put his hand to his mouth, put his head on his back, seemed to drink something, then told the judge: “I drank poison!”.

Slobodan Praljak (72) was one of Bosnia’s six former political and military leaders.

Praljak was sentenced to 20 in jail in 2013 for crimes committed in eastern Mostar.

He had appealed to the verdict of another court in 2013, and now, when he heard that the International Criminal Court had upheld the previous sentence, while reading the sentence on appeal, the former Croatian wartime leader drank something from a small glass.

He was prosecuted for: murder, torture, expulsions, rape, inhuman imprisonment, property destruction, and civilian terror.

Slobodan Praljak died later in hospital.

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