The easiest languages for English speakers to learn

Hei! Ola! Bonjour! Hallo! Ciao! Salam! Jambo!

If you want to learn a new language (ore more) and you can’t decide which one is easier to master for an English speaker, we have some great news for you. There are some language experts who came up with a list of some of the easiest languages to learn for English speakers, according to

Check out the list bellow, make your choice and start improving your knowledge by learning a new language right away!  We are sure that this list might surprise you.

  1. Norwegian (Hei!) – With a pretty straightforward grammar, this is the easiest language for English speakers to pick up;
  2. Swedish (Hej!) – It has words that stem from the same ancestral language as English and look and/or sound very similar to one another (cognates);
  3. Spanish (Hola!) – Is one of the Romance languages, which derive from Latin — as do many English words;
  4. Dutch (Hallo!) – It’s the third most-spoken Germanic language, after German and English and it sounds like a combination of German and English;
  5. Portuguese (Ola!) – Like Spanish, this translates to a large number of shared vocabulary words, which always makes picking it up easier;
  6. Indonesian (Salam!) – Is one of the few Asian languages that uses the Latin alphabet and it’s a phonetic language, made up of words that are pronounced exactly the way they’re spelled;
  7. Italian (Ciao!) – Like Spanish or Portuguese it has of cognates English speakers will recognize;
  8. French (Bonjour!) – It has a large amount of shared vocabulary and it’s is spoken by nearly 76 million people from all over the world;
  9. Swahili (Jambo!) – The words often sound just like they’re spelled, and the pronunciation is relatively easy for English speakers to pick up.

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