The longest war lasted 335 years. The strangest armed conflicts in history

The longest war in human history lasted no less than 335 years, and the belligerent parties have forgotten at some point that they are in conflict. Longeviv was also the 98-year war in which no act of aggression was committed.

The longest war in history lasted 335 years. The armed conflict was between the Netherlands and the island of Sicily, located in the south west of Great Britain. It began in 1651 with a series of small-scale naval confrontations, but many other wars of the time were not taken seriously and was forgotten quite quickly, although no peace agreement was signed. It has been over three centuries until the combatants have found that they are still formally in war and have ended peace, but the confrontation will remain in history as the longest in history. The Peace Treaty was signed only in 1986.

“The War of Emu Birds” is probably the only formal conflict in human history where one of the belligerents is not human, although the war declaration has been read and approved in Parliament as in the case of ordinary armed conflict. In 1932, the emu (Australian ostrich-sized bird population) population greatly multiplied, becoming uncontrollable and causing huge harvest damage. As a response to the Government, the Australian army sends soldiers armed with machine guns, which start in the desert in the footsteps of the “enemy,” which proves to be very stubborn. Even shot several times, the birds are still running away. The war with the birds lasted for a week, and it ended undecided, as the soldiers failed to cut off only a small part of the emu population.

In 1883, the inhabitants of Lijar, a small village in Spain, were terribly annoyed when they heard that during the visit to Paris, King Alfonso XII of Spain was insulted , even attacked on the street by the Parisian crowd. As a reply, the mayor of Lijar, Don Miguel Garcia Saez, together with the 300 locals, declared war on France by a decree signed on October 14, 1883. The war never materialized, for it did not even shoot a single fire and not even a scuffle, but the mayor received the nickname of “the Sierra terror” for his boldness. The conflict ended after 98 years, just as it did. In 1976, King Juan Carlos made a trip to Paris, during which he was treated with all due respect, so in 1981 the city council in Lijar decided to end the hostilities. France had nothing against it.

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