Historical moment in medicine! This vaccine will definitely change the future

Scientists have taken a step forward in the fight against the Influenza (flu) virus with a historical breakthrough that can protect us from all the strains of this dangerous virus.

A new vaccine, which is still under tests, protects the body against nine different strains of the virus. But specialists are confident that the vaccine could eliminate all existing strains and could provide the body with protection for the rest of life.

At the moment, the tests are carried out on mice and it was observed that when inoculating a larger dose of the experimental vaccine, the rodents did not have any flu symptoms when exposed to a strain of the virus.

The other mice, which have undergone traditional influenza treatment, have become ill and have died.

Although it may take several years for this vaccine to be used by humans, the scientists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are optimistic and believe this is an important step in the revolution of vaccines and how they protect the body.

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