A clairvoyant who predicted hurricanes from US explain the meaning of the last Mexican earthquake

Mhoni is a clairvoyant that has amazed Latin America. The woman who reads the future in books, predicted hurricanes this fall that hit the United States and Mexico. Now, the woman comes with new predictions.

“I have predicted that the new pope will come out of Argentina, and now I say to you the following. Venezuela will show the Antichrist, and Mexico will give the tone for recalling the faith.

The Virgin of Guadalupe sent us, the Mexicans, that we must be more united than ever and help us. This was the meaning of the last earthquake, “ Mhoni told a television station in Monterrey.

The clairvoyant argues that the end of the world is very close, and that all the events of the last period have nothing else but to prepare for the great event.

“I see in my tarot books even a war. Rockets are very close. We have to pray, prayer will get rid of all the negative energies. We have to unite, “says Mhoni.

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