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The biggest earthquake in Europe took place in Dracula’s country in 1802. It lasted two and a half minutes!

Romania has been the victim of the worst earthquake ever. The earthquake had more than 8 degrees on the Richter scale and occurred in Vrancea.

On October 26, 1802, in Vrancea area, the most powerful earthquake in the history of Romania took place. En earthquake, which historians have estimated to have stood at about 8.2 degrees on the Richter scale, hit the country, and the shock wave have been felt in Russia and Greece

The earthquake lasted two minutes and 30 seconds, causing major damage, especially in the capital Bucharest. Several houses and several other churches have broken down. Saint Nicholas Church and the famous Coltea Tower are now a heap of ruins. The earth broke into places where a greenish water sprang up, emitting a sulfur smell across the city.

“The earth was shaken, all the churches of the churches in Bucharest and the famous bell tower, which was the ornament of the city, clockwise fell and crumbled, and there was great fear”,  chroniclers wrote.

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