Scandal! Bono from U2 under investigation for a mall in Lithuania. “It’s a violation of the tax code”

The #ParadisePapers documents show that Bono has been the hidden owner of a mall in Lithuania for more than a decade . U2’s soloist business is now under investigation for tax evasion.

Bono’s connection to the Utena (Lithuania) mall was brought to light by a data set obtained by the Süddeutsche Zeitung and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

There are only 26,000 people in the city, a population that would only enter two lawns in an arena like those that the Irish band fills in concerts. What local people do not know is that Bono, the band’s soloist, has long owned a business in their own city, according to The Guardian.

Documents from the Malta Companies Register indicate Bono (Paul David Hewson, on his real name) as the owner of the Aušra mall.

It seems to be ” a violation of the tax code”, experts said.

The financial experts said the company seems to have incorrectly indicated losses of several million euros justified by revaluation of the mall. She estimated that the company has so far avoided taxes of € 47,000, and current / paper losses would allow her to avoid another 400,000 euros.

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