Bye-bye internet, welcome Trinet! Google, Facebook and Amazon will monopolize the online empire!

An online revolution is about to start! Bye-bye internet, welcome Trinet!

Google, Facebook, Amazon. That’s what the future looks like, and the rest of the sites will become insignificant to Internet consumers or will depend on the three giants that dominate the market. Apple and Samsung are in great danger.

Statistics show that Google has 60% of internet traffic with YouTube, Gmail, Google Play, Google Maps, Waze or Blogspot. And newer comes in the field of artificial intelligence. On the other hand, Facebook has over two billion users, but the company also has WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger chat services – each with over one billion users, while the Instagram photo sharing network is in excess of 700 million users.

TRINET appears, how to proceed: “TNW says internet providers will get special subscriptions for users accessing Google, Facebook and Amazon services, which are the most common people anyway, and for access to the rest of the internet, you’ll have to pay separately, maybe a subscription great”. However the internet will not disappear, but the world will gravitate into the ecosystems of Google, Facebook and Amazon giants.

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