Pharmacist: Coca-Cola destroys bones and teeth. Effects occur only 10 minutes after consumption

A pharmacist known as Niraj explained what happens when you drink coke.

“Not only is it full of corn syrup and fructose but also has refined salts and caffeine. Prolonged consumption leads to tension problems, heart problems, diabetes and obesity, “said the pharmacist.

1 glass of sugar = 10 tsp of sugar

The body does not reject the high sugar content because the sweet taste is relieved by the phosphoric acid that cuts off the aroma, in order not to feel the taste at its maximum intensity.

After 20 minutes after drinking a glass of Coca-Cola, the blood sugar level increases steadily, releasing a massive amount of insulin in the body. Following this imbalance, the body reacts by turning sugar into fat.

40 minutes later, the body absorbs the whole amount of the caffeine. Blood pressure starts to rise, and the liver releases more sugar in the blood. Adenosine receptors in the brain are blocked, preventing sleepiness.

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