Man ‘woke up’ at his own funeral!

A 24-year-old man woke up at his own funeral while his relatives who were making preparations for the burial.

The incident happened in Tingo Maria, Peru, during the funeral of Watson Franklin Mandujano Doroteo, a 24-year-old.

According to the local press, he had been declared dead after having developed a strong fever as a result of an operation he suffered from his dentist. It seems that the doctors actually made a big mistake, the man being only heavily sedated, not really dead, reported The Independent.

Doroteo began breathing hard while he was seated in the coffin, under the terrified looks of his relatives.

He immediately told those around him to get him out of the coffin, which has happened.

The man has arrived at the hospital in the meantime and is well served, while prosecutors have opened a criminal file to elucidate how doctors have come to declare him dead.

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