VIDEO VIRAL Another conspiracy? US Army drone attacked by UFO

An incredible video that shows how an American military droning follows a UFO in Afghanistan went viral on the internet. At least that’s what the user who made it public on YouTube.

The video shows how the American drone captures the presence of an unidentified flying object, just seconds before it pulls a strong light beam to escape the intruder.

The video, viewed by 140,000 people, was posted by the UFO Today media channel who might have claimed to own it from an anonymous ‘government’ source, according to The Sun.

The images capture the moment when the drone follows a small flying object in a landscape that resembles a desert that, according to the poster, is supposed to be in Afghanistan. When the small flying object disappears after a corner, a strong beam of light seems to have been fired to the droning observation equipment.

UFO Today claims to have tried to check the video by saying that “Some ex-military people told me that this footage seems genuine drone footage.”

The social media user also claims his “source” told him this attack was the “tip of the iceberg” as “there seems to be an increase of UFO’s interacting with military drone.”

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