It’s unbelievable! CIA saw Hitler in 1955! They even had a picture of the dictator!

The US Agency received information about a man who appeared to look like the Nazi leader.

According to declassified CIA reports, “Hitler” used to live in Colombia in the 1950s. Philip Citroen, a former SS officer, told agents that the “Nazi dictator” was living in Tunja, 135 km north of Bogota, amidst a group of former Nazis. Citroen claimed that the men called him the Führer, saluted him with respect, and treated him adamantly.

He even offered a photo showing a man who looked very much like Adolf Hitler.

US agents did not take the situation seriously, but the CIA chief in Caracas sent these disclosures to his bosses, accompanied by a photograph.

That file came out when Colombian journalist, Jose Cardenas, posted them on Twitter, according to Daily Mail.

Former Nazi officer Philip Citroen claimed to have visited the Colombian city while working at a railroad company, where he was presented to “a man who stating that he was Hitler.”

(Photo: Daily Mail)

The document states: “Citroen claimed that he would have known this individual, in a place called Residencies Coloniales, which is, according to the source, overpopulated with former German Nazis. According to Citroën, the Germans who live in Tunja follow this Hitler and idolize him, as he idolizes the Nazi past.”

Citroën appears in the photograph of the file next to a man who looks strikingly in appearance with the Nazi dictator. Weird, right?

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