Stephen Hawking’s PhD thesis blocked Cambridge University website. How many times has it been downloaded…

Cambridge University website has been blocked after the Ph.D. thesis of the famous British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking has been published.

The site has been blocked since the first day of free access to Hawking’s doctoral thesis. The 134-page document entitled “Properties of Expanding Universes” was downloaded over 60,000 times in just a few hours after it was made public, becoming the most desirable work of this university.

Stephen Hawking, the English physicist, theoretician in the origin of the universe, one of the greatest contemporary cosmologists, professor at the Cambridge University Mathematics Department, once owned by Isaac Newton, hopes that free access to this work will inspire others not just to think and learn, but also to share research results. “Through free access to my doctoral thesis I hope to inspire people around the world to look more towards the stars than to the ground, meditate, figure out what our place in the universe is and try to understand the cosmos,” said the physicist.

The thesis was written by the great physicist when he was 24, according to

Stephen Hawking said: “I hope to be an inspiration for people all over the world. From now on I want to look up, to the stars, not to the earth; I want to ask is our role this infinite universe and to try to understand it. ”

Since the publication of this thesis, Hawking has made other discoveries and launched many bold theories.

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