Panic in Russia! Hundreds of people have seen this!

Panic in Russia as pictures with an UFO that might have been spotted out in the sky in northern Siberia, have taken over the internet. The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the case!

Pictures confirming the appearance of strong lights in the sky, in Siberia, have terrified the world. The amazing appearance of on unidentified flying object and the combination of white and green lights were all visible from any corner in northern Russia, notes TheSun.

Vasili Zubkov, an intern, posted his first reaction on social media pages: “I went out to smoke a cigarette and I thought the end of the world was coming.”

“The extraordinary scenes were captured by the Russian photographer, Serghei Anisimov, from the town of Salekhard, which spans the Arctic Circle. “I was totally captured for a few minutes, I did not understand what was going on”

 Other possible explanations of the phenomenon would be Aurora Boreala or even a military exercise commissioned by Russian President Vladimir Putin!

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