Stop eating this! Foods that make you HUNGRIER

When you feel hungry you should it. But what? Anything BUT the foods listed bellow, that might make you hungrier than you think.

  1. White bread – it’s very poor in fibers; it spikes your insulin levels.
  2. Juices – they contain all the sugar of the fruit but no fiber-containing pulp or skin; a glass of juice can shoot the blood sugars levels up, bringing on hunger.
  3. Salty snacks (chips, pretzels, salty snack mixes) – they are full of quick-digesting simple carbs.
  4. Fast Food – fast food meals are specially designed to make you supersize your orders, and eat more and more.
  5. Alcohol – it slashes your body’s levels of leptin (the hormone that squashes hunger and keeps you feeling full) and makes you to carve carbs.
  6. White pasta – same problem as the white bread;
  7. Sushi rolls – full of quick-digesting simple carbs.
  8. Kids’ cereals – full of sugar, they may cause blood sugar and insulin swings.
  9. Pizza – it has ingredients that throw off your blood sugar levels, production of satiety hormones, and hunger-regulating regions of the brain.


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