Get ready for Halloween! The most scariest pumpkins in the world

Jon Neil is a professional pumpkin carver, Champion of season 4 – Food Networks Halloween Wars, concept artist and Sculptor for TV & Film.

Jon has been sculpting since childhood and he got his start by making creatures at San Winston Studios, in the 90’s sculpting Dinosaurs for the ‘Jurassic Park’ series.

He had worked with many materials – from clay to stone –  and he had made a career in TV and Film due to his vast artistic skills. Jon Neil loves holiday traditions and for him, the tradition of carving pumpkins for Halloween is more than just a season practice.

One of his greatest collections of carved pumpkins is called “Pumpkin Therapy”. Jon called his collection by that in order to ‘talk to the Pumpkin Guru’ while carving.

‘There’s an art movement happening with Pumpkins and it’s a very exciting time for those of us trying to push the envelope with our carving. I also love to sculpt Chocolate, butter, cheese and anything else most people would never think to create with’, said Jon, for Bored Panda.

Here are some of his amazing and most scariest carved pumpkins in the world.

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