Bioenergetics have decided: CATS have healing powers!

Besides being playful and lovely, cats can detect the negative energies in the body.

Physicians have noticed that in a house where there is at least one cat, the diseases occur much less frequently.

The explanation is quite simple: The cat is attracted to the sick part of the body and, after a while, the pain starts fading away and the person feels better.

It seems that cats have extra-sensory capacities.

They are “specialized” in the cardiovascular system.

Those who have high blood pressure must, according to the experts, cuddle a cat as often as possible.

According to, cats may reduce heart attack risks by 40%.

Moreover, the cat has a positive influence on memory performance.

Yes, it’s true!

The doctor’s explanation is that most of the memory stimulating points have a direct connection to the center of the palm.

Stimulating these centers helps reduce fever and treat flu.
Physicians have found out that female cats have a better healing influence on the nervous system and the internal organs, while male cats are better curers for affections such as arthrosis, spondylosis, osteopathies.


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