Don’t do this! 15 Bad habits that RUIN your relationship

Having a long term relationship is not as simple as you think. Love is not only about feeling butterflies in the stomach. Even if you share your live with someone, you often became to wrapped up in your own universe. This means you’ll make small but important mistakes that could destroy everything you and the partner have built together out of love.

In other words, you could ruin your relationship if you…

  1. Fail to validate your partner’s feelings.
  2. Use love as an excuse for unsuitable behavior (jealousy, co-dependency etc.)
  3. Refuse to share difficult feelings with your partner.
  4. Expect your partner to fulfill you in a way only you can do for yourself.
  5. Make important decisions without first discussing them with your partner.
  6. Keep secrets that can compromise the level of trust in the relationship.
  7. Avoid healthy conflict resolution by using humor.
  8. Do not apologize when you know you did something wrong.
  9. Lie to your partner about places you go and people you see.
  10. Do not respect your partner’s need for alone time.
  11. Refuse to be vulnerable with your partner.
  12. Expect your partner to build their life around your plans, instead of taking both schedules into account.
  13. Invade your partner’s privacy by checking their phone, going through his personal things or breaking into his computer.
  14. Expect to maintain the same level of freedom and independence you did as a single person.
  15. Refuse to be vulnerable with your partner.


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