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Worse than alcohol? Shocking! What Nutella is REALLY made of

This is what everyone’s favorite dessert actually looks like.

An image showing what the real ingredients look like in a Nutella jar goes viral on Reddit (by user MrFlow) and it’s actually shocking!

The picture shows the main 5 ingredients, in their raw form: palm oil, skim milk powder, cocoa, hazelnuts and sugar.

The shocking thing is that each layer is said to represent the actual proportion of each ingredient in the jar. Nutella, which is made by Ferrero, contains 8.5g of sugar in each teaspoon, which means a 400g jar contains 227.2g of sugar, making up over half of the jar, according to

Ferrero did not comment on the accuracy of the image and said the product should be continue to be used as recommended: only as part of a balanced diet.

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